Sky-Tracker Promotions specializes in four-beam searchlight systems that provide immediate impact advertising at the flip of a switch. Searchlights are available for lease, rental, or sale. Sky-Tracker Promotions provides parts and service through the years for both its own products and searchlights from other sources, nationwide. 
The dazzling motion of four beams of light attracts shoppers, buyers, and curious on-lookers to check out what’s happening at the light source. The light pinpoints the location of any business, and makes it easy for potential customers to find their way. For major impact, customers can double the light to eight beams without doubling the cost. Sky-Tracker Promotions also provides single-beam searchlight options that are compact and lightweight and operate on a standard 110-volt outlet, which can be used indoors or out. All searchlights for lease, rental, or sale are self-contained units that run on their own generator; units can be AC wired for extended leases or purchase.
Regardless of the size of the event or the impact needed, Sky-Tracker Promotions will provide a system that meets every business or organization’s needs.